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Are you a nonprofit looking for architectural services? Community Design Services (CDS) can help! Founded in 1991, CDS provides local nonprofits with pro bono design services if they can not otherwise afford these services. CDS architects can:

  • put clients’ dreams on paper in drawings or reports to be used to gain community support or for fundraising;

  • assist in preparing a design program for your project;

  • evaluate buildings to determine whether the structure can accommodate your program;

  • and provide conceptual designs, and cost estimates

  • CDS volunteer Sherry Mones Nevins, AIA with Sabrina Wilson of the Interfaith Clothing Center, a free clothing distribution center in Montgomery County. CDS is providing pro bono design services.

CDS helps both mature and emerging groups meet housing, accessibility, healthcare, education, homeless services, and community development needs at the neighborhood level. Working directly with client organizations, CDS volunteers prepare preliminary designs and offer technical assistance, including cost estimates, zoning analysis, programming, and presentation drawings. CDS projects.

CDS creates a quality-of-life ripple effect through communities: one improvement project encourages the next. Our portfolio of projects includes simple efforts, and very complex ones, such as developing a downtown for LaPlata, Maryland, following the tornado in 2002.

CDS helped tranform eight public school libraries on Capitol Hill. For more information go to School Libraries Project.